Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ready, Set........Go

This is what I have been telling myself for the past three hours. But yet I still manage to stay seated at my computer. Just one more. I have weeks worth of blog reading to catch up on.

It is amazing the emotional roller coaster one can ride while in front of a piece of electronic equipment. I have laughed at emails and cried over blogs..... Tim's wedding. To add to the drama I have a cold and am doped up on cold medicine. I have not drank coffee in three weeks, right now I am working on my third cup. My rationale? I can use the calories, I'm sick. That was also my thinking last night in the drive-thru to Panda Express. I know, I know. Don't break my bubble. It will break on its' own soon enough.

In other news. Mallorie is officially three! For the most part we had a week long celebration. I did not bake a cake, but did bake cupcakes for her party at school. We celebrated with a store bought cheesecake at home. Mallorie did get a Barbie cupcake with candles to blow out. She licked off the frosting and went for the cheesecake.

My brain is mush and Mallorie is throwing a record breaking fit. Okay.....Go!

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