Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brief Update

It seems like ages since I have posted anything. You would really think because it has been so long that I would have some sort of news. Yeah well, I don't.

I have been sick for what seems like weeks now but I do feel a little better today. Mallorie has been very sweet, taking care of Mommy. The other day she came to see me while I was lying in bed. "You still sick, Mom?" she asked "You can have my purple vitamins. I don't like them. They make you lots better. I go get them for you?" Yesterday she told me. "Just go back to the doctor, Mom. I sure you be better just a few days. Kay?"

The girls have her outside right now. The temperature is only 21 degrees and the ground is covered in a sheet of ice. They took her out yesterday for about 20 min. and it really helped to "blow off the stink".

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