Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Still Here

Oh cheez and crackers! I can't believe I have not posted anything since July. To be honest I almost did not come back at all. But I believe things are starting to slow down a bit and will try to be more consistent. The best place to begin is probably everybody's comings and goings.

Ernie is still working like crazy and going to school 4 days a weeks. His fundraising for United Way has tapered off for now and will not take off again until the spring. His busy time at work is set to begin very soon, not sure when he will find time to sleep at that point but it is just for a couple of months.

Devin is going to school, working and hunting and not necessarily in that order. He kind of has that live to hunt motto. lol

Morgan is going to school, working and juggling a boyfriend. Which of course throws a whole new number into the equation. Honestly, my friends and I really enjoy re-living all her drama with her and always anticipate the next story to unfold. Although we should keep these conversations out of earshot of Mal. I heard her "breaking up" with her boyfriend on her Cinderella phone the other day. She also refers to Morgan's boyfriend as poopy pants after a particularly bad weekend. lovely.

McKinsey just had a birthday, 14. She got her permit this morning. Yay! (Gulp)

Mallorie is growing in size as well as cognitively, as she should be. She is hilarious and very grown up in her humor and sarcasm. Big surprise, right? Her new thing is to sing the song You Are So Beautiful in an Operatic fashion. I am told she breaks out in song occasionally at school while she is playing independently. Lovely.

As for me I am simply trying to keep up with everybody else. Today I am cleaning, well will be cleaning, hopefully. No school the next couple of days so I am thinking in the back of my mind "Why bother?".

Well, time to go. I hear Max drinking what I hope is the remnants of bathtub water(and not the toilet). I better go intercede before he climbs in. Lovely.


Janet said...

You do have a very busy family. I need to come and see you so I can hear all about the boyfriend...ha. Perhaps Mallorie will sing for me too. Well, I can hope.

Love ya!

Essie said...

Tis good go hear from you again. Yes, you do have a lot going on. Gee, your kids are growing up and so fast. Those teen age years do make life interesting, don't they???

Love to all!