Sunday, September 9, 2007

Circus Day, Wonderful Day

Yesterday we took in the Ringling Bros Circus. Mallorie had been anticipating this day for weeks. Every morning I got the same question. "Today we go Circus, Mom?" You can imagine her excitement when I was finally able to proclaim, "Yes Mallorie, today we go to the Circus." Unfortunately I must have built it up too much. For the most part the girl was completely unimpressed. I really thought this was the year she would finally get into all the fun and excitement. This was the year she would love the lights, be captured by the music and be entranced by the acts. Nope. Her favorite part? The $10.00 cotton candy. Once that was gone she felt pretty certain it was time to go home. I managed to convince her we needed to stay so Mommy could enjoy the rest of the show. She settled in somewhat, entertaining herself with watching the lady behind us eat multiple bags of popcorn and seeing how close she could swing her foot to the woman's head in front of her without actually hitting it. She finally fell asleep during the last 15 minutes of the performance, waking up in the car. She immediately went into a tizzy of tears. "I need to go back to the circus. I's not done yet." There's always next year little girl, there's always next year.

In other news my summer long search for a train table has ended. I found exactly what I wanted, trains included for $20.00 on Craigslist. $20.00! Now that is unheard of. I was so excited, I am still talking about my amazing deal! Mallorie loves it and keeps saying, "It is just like Evan's, Mommy." I proudly pipe up "Yes it is, and for a fraction of the price which makes it sooo much better! Ha!"

For those of you who know me well, I am sure you recall my love for Vietnamese food. I have been looking for a good Vietnamese restaurant since moving to Kansas City and yesterday I found it. We were starving after leaving the circus. ( I refuse to pay $6.00 for a hot dog. The $10.oo cotton candy was an exception. I only had to buy one and after all it came with a free paper hat!) We were frantically searching for a McDonald's and because of construction I could not make any of the turns we needed to. Imagine my delight when I realized I was turning around in the parking lot of the elusive Vietnam cafe. I swear to you the place was glowing. I am certain it was divine intervention guiding me. God was speaking to my subconscious. "Eat the food you love at a much cheaper price!" So we did, it was delicious and I was happy!

After the late Vietnamese lunch and a trip to the grocery store Ernie and I decided we better make an appearance at a birthday party we were invited to. It was very nice. Good food and a terrific live band, but we were both yawning about an hour in. After all, it was after 9PM for crying out loud. We said out goodbyes and enjoyed a pleasant conversation on the ride home. Being married with four kids, those are few and far between. We strolled up to the house. Devin was working in the garage. Just when the day couldn't get any better, I heard him say, "Mark(the grand champion professional BBQer who lives across the street) brought over about 20 pounds of ribs and brisket. I could barely get it in the fridge." Life is good! The Circus, one heck of a deal, Vietnamese food and BBQ all in one day! Life is good.

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Janet said...

You did have a good day!!!