Saturday, September 15, 2007

It Feels Like Fall!

As I stepped out to get the morning paper the air had a wonderful crisp fallish feeling to it. Absolutely delicious. I am so excited for pumpkin patches, trips to the cider mill, gorgeous walks it the park, fall picnics and of course HALLOWEEN!

Because I worked 53 hours this week I am simply going to touch on a few of this weeks highlights, and yes I am aware that I use the term highlight very loosely. lol

-First, I worked 53 hours! Ah! For me that is a lot and I am exhausted but it is also a lot for Mallorie but she seemed to handle it okay for the most part.

-Mallorie has been accident free for weeks. Then yesterday she had four in one day. I am thinking it was all the hours spent in school. Not sure, but she was really tired and cranky Friday morning.

-Devin was attempting to suspend himself between two walls in the hallway by placing his back against one wall and his feet against the other. Now do the math..................Yes, I have a huge gaping hole in the wall where his feet were! I am thinking it is time for a lesson in sheetrock repair. He feels it was Morgan's fault because she was doing it and said "You can't do this! You're too big!" Hmmmmmm.

-Mallorie has caught the birthday bug. Not sure why, maybe because of our excited conversations about Rhonda's kids and their birthday's. She has not been to a birthday party lately. Now, every morning instead of asking "We go circus today, Mom?" she asks "It my birfday, Mom?" Cheese and Crackers! We still have over 50 days to go, hopefully she will move on to something else soon.

-Today is the day I am going to begin eating right! I am not on a diet per say but I am so tired of feeling like S***! So I will be using you all as part of my plan. I will not relay all of the boring information just the slip ups. I am hoping that will help me stay on course.

-I am off to bake some more goodies for the Hospice House. Today is employee appreciation day and they having games and a cake walk so they are asking for extra goodies. I need to get a moving. I am taking some chocolate cherry fudge bars. (I will let you know if I stay out of them.) Who knew you could get such a warm cozy feeling just from delivering cookies once a week. The families at the Hospice House really seem to enjoy having something yummy to nibble on. The House always keeps fresh soup and Panera bread on hand but the treats are just a little something extra that might add a bright moment(no matter how brief) in what is an extremely difficult time. The nurses really like it as well and it is kind of fun to have everyone start gathering around when you head into the building. The news travels quickly that a goodie lady has arrived. lol

-I think we may be off to the zoo after that. The weather is so beautiful. I am determined not to be trapped inside cleaning house! Not today.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!

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Janet said...

It is crips outside this morning. I covered plants last night because we had a frost warning.
It does get you in the mood for fall activities.

What a great idea for taking treats to the Hospice House. I'm sure your kids like being a part of that too. The families are probably waiting for you as I write!!! ha.

I'm sitting here visualizing Devin climbing that wall. Also the old Frankie Valley and the Four season song ....Big Girls Don't playing through my head. Instead it is singing....Big Boys Don't Climb. ha. I'll have to sing that for Devin the next time I see him. :) Don't you think he will love it?

Terrie, 53 hours is a lot of hours. :( Hope next week is not so busy.