Monday, January 21, 2008

African Animals

I am not sure why this has become my latest obsession. I think Ernie described it best when he said "Kinda like watchin' paint dry. Except it's so darn hard to look away." But just you wait! I am anxious to catch sight of a lion or zebra. You should have seen us all run for the computer the first time Ernie called out "I see a gazelle! Or.....something like a gazelle anyway!" lol


Janet said...

Okay, that is addicting and I haven't a clue why...ha. I did see some big animal in the background when the camera zoomed out for a great distance. I wasn't sure if it was elephants or rhinos. And yes, I do know the difference. They were walking and going between trees so it was hard to see them. But I saw something!

Janet said...

I returned to the site to see a herd of wilderbeast (?). Interesting.