Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not So Newsy

It has been so long since I last posted that you would think I had tons to write about. Hmmm.....not so much. I will just give a brief update on what everybody has been doing.

Mallorie is..... Enjoying dance class, although I have held her out of the recital. I really did not feel like spending hundreds of dollars to have her hang on me backstage. We will wait until she is four to do that.(Hang on me backstage I mean) She is obsessed with eating pizza. She argues with me about EVERYTHING...the sad part? Often she is right. She will only be going to school two days a week this summer. McKinsey will keep her the other two days. I see lots of pool time in their future.

The big kids are really ready for summer. Devin and Morgan plan on working quite a bit. And McKinsey? Well, since she is not old enough to have a job. She will be my slave for one more year.

The girls and I took Ernie to the airport this morning. He flew to Denver to pick up his new truck. I am sure he is smiling the whole way home. You know how it is. Country boys and their trucks, lol.

Ernie and I had our 17th wedding anniversary this weekend. We went out to dinner and were in bed before nine 0'clock. Get your mind out of the gutter....we were watching PBR(professional bull riding) with Mal in between us. I was asleep by 9:15. Oh, it was sooooo romantic. lol

Oh yes, and Mallorie has a new puppy/horse. I can't say much more about him right now. Except, I must have been drinking A LOT the evening we decided to get him!

Mallorie with Max. Check out the attire. Classic.

"Max" To give you an idea of his size, his pillow is 3' x 3'. He just turned 4 months.

I have been staying extremely busy with school. It also keeps my busy just driving/following everybody around. We went to World's of Fun last weekend. Here are a few pics.

Morgan and McKinsey are second and third from the left.

Click on the picture to get a really good look at Kinsey's face.

Another successful ride on the Wacky Worm.


Janet said...

Loved seeing the pictures. Looks like everyone is doing well....including Max. Mallorie, once again, is setting new fashion trends. :) I do miss the green boots.

Rhonda said...

I can't believe you got another dog!! He's so cute. I just love Zowie, so I'm sure Max is great, too.

On my wish list is the Furminator ( tool. I NEED this badly, and I'm planning on getting one next week. I am so tired of the dog hair.

Essie said...

So nice to hear from you. I've been without a computer for two weeks and I felt like I had lost my best friend.

You new dog is so cute. My 'Max' has a twin but my Max is only 17 lbs and at that weight he is overweight. lol

I love my Furminator, it keeps a lot of the hair out the house.