Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Teen Driver

Well, just as I became very comfortable with Devin driving, Morgan now has her permit. She is doing a fantastic job. I am the one have a difficult time. I am heading to the store to pick up plenty of hair color for myself. Mal thinks it is absolutely hilarious that Morgan is driving. "What? Morgan you driving gen?" All of this said in a fit of giggles. It is very hilarious to her. Must say it has had the opposite effect on me, but note to self: do not ride in car with teenage daughter while both of us have PMS. (Makes for a very emotional trip around the block. ) lol Her driving is just another sign of things to come. I really, really don't want my kids to grow up. But as I am typing this I am thinking I really, really want my kids to grow up. Not unlike the way they must feel at times.


Janet said...

Yaaaaaa for Morgan. But perhaps I should buy stock from the hair color company. I have a feeling sales are going to go way up. ha.

Rhonda said...

For some reason, my Dad had the uncanny ability to block out all sense of danger when he taught us to drive. I don't know how or why, but its an amazing gift he has. I keep telling him he's going to have to teach our kids, because there's no way I can do it.