Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cracker Barrel Incident

Now that Mallorie is older I thought it would be fun to go to a restaurant. Just the two of us. Of course we chose Cracker Barrel! As far as the girls and I are concerned it is in the top five for the best dining establishments on earth.

Mallorie chose to order chicken and dumplings(her regular). My thinking was "She is a big girl now, lets see how she does without having it cut up for her". She actually did very well for the first five minutes. But as I was busy concentrating on my meal I could see her little hand start to wave back and forth, making larger motions with every wave. As I focused more, I realized there was still a fork in her hand with a VERY large dumpling attached. The dumpling was too big for her to put in her mouth so she was trying to get it off. The slow motion scene began to unravel as I tried to get the correct words out of my mouth. "Mallorie wait, let me help you." Just as they began to spill from my mouth the dumpling took off like it had wings. Not like wings of a dove either, but like the wings of a hairy woodpecker(yes, a real bird) bent on doing some damage. Both Mal and I followed it across the room with our eyes. As did a handful of fellow observant diners. The dumpling landed smack dab in the middle of a table two rows over. There was an elderly couple seated there. I sat staring at them with a frozen grin on my face. Unbelievably they had not seen the blob fall out of the sky. I was scott free right? Yeah! Crap, I could feel several sets of eyes on me. Obviously these other diners were waiting for me to point out what had just happened to the otherwise oblivious couple. So of course I did and they were very sweet about the whole thing. Thankfully it did not land in their food. Or worse, in the poor woman's hair. Poor Boo! I wish I had a camera on her the whole time. Her eyes were the size of saucers and she didn't say a word. The couple tried to talk to her later while we were in the store. She just stood staring up at them.


Janet said...

Oh my gosh. I sitting here by myself and laughing. I just knew you were going to write it hit someone in the face.. What a funny story. I'm sure Mallorie was just as surprised as everyone else.

Janet said...

I woke up last night thinking about this story.....still chuckling. Then I remembered your line of "a smile frozen on my face." I've seen you do that!!! Again, I started chuckling.

Rhonda said...

Obviously, Mallorie will never live this one down. Every time she has dumplings, she will hear her Mom say "one time in Cracker Barrel..."