Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, I finally finished my certification to be a preschool teacher! All required courses and observations have been completed. About time huh? At 36 (almost 37) I am finally certified to be something besides insane! lol I won't have my own class right away, though I will be on my own for two weeks in November. Hopefully I will take over something after the first of the year simply because I wanted to take some time off while the kids were on their winter break. I have been working with four and five years olds for the past couple of months and really love it. This is surprising because I really didn't care for my own children very much when they were 5! Ha, just kidding! Though I think that age was the most challenging for me. That is up until the hormones kicked in. But honestly how can you have a bad start to the day when you have 25 four year olds running to give you a hug when you get to work in the morning?

I will briefly update you on the kids.

Morgan- about the same. Studying hard and working hard. She has been ill quite a bit lately. It is hard the first year working with little ones. She is handling it well and has only missed one day of school so far. That is pretty good considering she has been sick for three weeks straight this time around. She is enjoying her paychecks.

McKinsey- Her birthday passed rather quietly. We are planning a trip to Worlds of Fun later this month in honor of her 13th year. We originally had a boy/girl party(YIKES) planned but this has been pushed back to New Years Eve.(YIKES again)

Devin- has been working and hunting and riding his motorcycle. What more can I say without taking up the whole page? He is 16 going on 17(isn't that a song?). That should pretty well say it all for those of you who recall that tulmutuous period in your life.

Mallorie - she is really looking forward to her third birthday coming up in a few weeks. I am super excited as well. She finally gets the whole concept this year. I am sure Christmas is going to be lots of fun. We will really be able to play it up!


Janet said...

Congratulations!!!!! I think accomplishing that by great. I barely squeeked under 40 when I got my certificate. So you have me beat!!

Essie said...

Congratulations! Job well done, at 36 or 37, what does it matter. You are such a neat person. Keep up the good work. Love you.