Saturday, October 6, 2007

Day at the Zoo

Today we visited the zoo. Mallorie has been looking forward to this day for weeks. Because........Spongebob Squarepants would be there. Of course as predicted when it was actually time to meet Spongbob, the brakes went on and he was no longer a priority. So on to the tigers and orangutans we went.

This is a look of relief (Phew! I don't have to speak to Spongebob!) and anticipation(the orangutans are just around the corner). The frosting residue is from the Krispy Kreme donuts we were treated to while waiting in line to see "you know who"!My three girls, so sweet.

Riding the carousel with Momo.

Do we have to go through the tunnel?

The train isn't so bad.

"Oh Mam!" (Mal's term) Do we really have to go?

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Janet said...

What great pictures!!! No doubt those girls are sisters. Mallorie is changing fast.