Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Goose

I wish I had a clearer shot of this picture. Mallorie was having quite the conversation with this goose. You should have seen her face when the big guy stuck his head through the fence. She made a bee line for me, her feet never touched the ground! I actually think he had his eye on the chicken nugget laying on the ground beside her. She did go back and continue her conversation. Much to my surprise. Unfortunately, I and the lady on the bench next to me were laughing too hard for me to get any other pics. I really was concerned I was going to pee my pants.

I am including a few more pictures from our trip. The weather was perfect and we ended up staying at the park for over 5 hours.


Janet said...

What a special day. You can tell she was loving all of it.

Rhonda said...

Great pictures! What a happy girl.

Essie said...

Mallorie did have a good day, didn't she? The pictures are great. She is so sweet, but so are your other girls and Devin is turning into a great young man.