Sunday, August 19, 2007

Another Day of Shopping

This weekend is the first we have had free for almost a month and I have been promising the girls we would go shopping. Mallorie was sooo excited! She woke up about 5:30, came in rubbing her eyes. "Mom, I waked up now. I's ready go to the mall. Want me to wake up girls?" We spent most of the day at the local outdoor mall. It was so hot! Fortunately there is a great fountain that shoots water from the sides towards the middle and the kids are able to sit on the low wall and play with the water as it jets out. Mallorie was soaked from head to toe. Several passersby stopped to watch her having such a great time. It was hilarious. Of course I forgot the camera.
Today we are headed out for another day of shopping. The clutter in the house will just have to wait. I hope everybody has a great day!

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Janet said...

She is ALLLLL female. ha.