Saturday, August 4, 2007

He's Gone and I am Overhauling the House

Ernie left for Sturgis about 11:00 last night. I wanted to get pictures but our street was so dark they did not turn out. He called a few minutes ago and they were almost there. No, I was not invited nor did I want to go. They will be camping in somebody's back yard for a week and from what I understand there is no mall! I am certain he will have a great time. But what am I really excited about?...... I am using this time to clean out the basement/storage room. I am seperating everything into three piles: Sell, Goodwill and Trash. I am sure you are asking why I have to wait for my husband to take a major vacation away from his family in order to get this done. Ernie simply is a packrat and I know (because of experience) he will have tons of "Hey I might use that someday" comments. Thus I am doing this while he is gone avoiding all of that. I told the girls if they help me I will put a ping pong table down there because I plan on having lots of extra space. I have already posted a lot of things on Craigslist. McKinsey and I had a great time last night checking out the site for things that people are wanting to buy. There was loads of interest in many of the things Ernie has in the garage. Hmmmm. No. I do consider myself a fairly smart girl but can't you just imagine the look on his face if he came home to an empty garage and a new living room set. "Priceless!"

Thank you everybody for showing concern while I was sick. I have not been that sick for awhile. I am not sure if it was psychosomatic or not, but while we were riding a water ride at the amusement park I got a ton of putrid, nasty water in my mouth because I was laughing so hard. At that moment I remember thinking "I am probably going to be sick later". So I figure I have three choices.....1) I made myself sick by thinking about it. 2) I had a bug and was going to get sick anyway. 3) It came from the gross water at the park. Oh well, moral of the story....... Keep your mouth shut. Funny but that advice works in many situations doesn't it? lol

Well, my coffee cup is empty and Mallorie is hanging on my neck telling me knock knock jokes. Her favorite? Knock, knock!........Who's there?..........Boo!............Boo Who?..........Don't cry, it's just a joke! So off to work! Everybody have a great day!!!

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Janet said... and throwing away items. It feels so good when it is done. I am needing organize some closets. Maybe this will be contagious!

Ahhh, ping pong...the Stinemetz favorite game. Look for there to be competitions when Randall shows up!

Love the knock knock joke. I will have to remember that one for Leeza.

Glad you are feeling better. I've been wondering since you haven't blogged for a few days. But you were busy sending your husband off for a few days. I can see the wheels turning in your mind. :)

See you next weekend!!!

love you!