Sunday, August 5, 2007

My Husband will be so Proud

The girls and I have had a very productive weekend thus far. We have made huge headway on organizing the basement and at the moment we are preparing to paint. But the really insane part is that we all got up at 5:30 AM, loaded up the truck and went to the flea market. Ernie will be so proud! I made $100.oo, not bad for a couple hours in the sun.

I took the girls to Coldstone last night to reward them for all their hard work. I found bliss in a cup. I tried the "Cake and Shake" for the first time. It was like drinking vanilla cake batter. Now, I understand that to some of you that may be gross, but for me that is the best part of a cake. Mallorie was hooked as well, so now I know what to get her and the plus side.... it's not nearly as messy as the blue, cotton candy flavor.

I better get back to work. If I sit much longer I won't want to get back up!

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Janet said...

Could you come to my house and do some of that cleaning here?