Wednesday, August 15, 2007

School is Back in Session

The girls had their first day back at school today. I think it went well for both of them. Morgan had some problems with her locker and McKinsey had trouble with her ID but other then that things went smoothly. Now my concerns have turned to tomorrow morning. I have to be to work at 7Am. Devin will be giving the girls a ride to and from school. When I let my mind wander there are just too many things that could go wrong. The milder scenario is that Devin will simply slow down when depositing the girls at their destinations. "Hurry up, get out! NOW!" I can just hear it, or "You have 5 seconds to be in the car. 1, 5 too bad, see ya!" Good times, good times. Sigh....

Mallorie is doing better with the potty training. We have 4 days until she goes back to school to get it just right. I am afraid her teachers are going to be a bit disappointed in me, but you never know she may pull it all together when required to do so. Although this little episode really doesn't support that theory.............She came walking up the stairs a little bit ago.
"Oh no! Zoe pooped in my pants again!" throwing her hands down for emphasis. (Now, the dog gets blamed for many things but this was a first.)
"I told her to poop outside, but she didn't listen." shaking her head

"Mallorie, who pooped in your pants?"

"Otay I did (with very sad eyes) but I tan't open the door to go outside. (shrugging her shoulders.)

Oh boy, maybe I better give her teachers a phone call, just so they are prepared. lol

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Janet said...

I guess if Zoe can do it outside, Mallorie thinks she can too. This may get very interesting before she is completely potty trained. ha.