Sunday, August 19, 2007

Pics From Ernie's Trip to Sturgis

Can you find Ernie's bike? lol
At the campground.

The guy that owned the campground was quite a character. But, he only charged them $10.00 a night. Awesome deal!

Ernie, Tom(Ernie's Brother) and one of Tom's friends. They are at Tom's place in Montana
This is Ernie's bike after the trip out of Tom's place. He was not too pleased and I can not repeat the commentary he gave me on the phone. I told him they should have taken the trailer. But I guess they did not want to load up all their stuff. Keep in mind this bike was built completely from scratch. No kit. Ernie did the whole thing.

Low Rider

This is John. He works with Ernie at UPS. They made the trip together. He's the one on the left.

The man himself. lol

Home away from home. Looks comfy doesn't it? Yeah, me neither.

View from Tom's deck. The house is in the middle of nowhere and completely self contained. Solar powered and the whole bit, very green.

Ernie sold his bike while he was there and is now on a mission to build another one. He has to get started now. He has eleven months and two weeks to have it ready for next year!

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Janet said...

Wow, great pics. It looks like he had a good time.