Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Few Quick Bits of Info

Good morning all. I am just going to leave a few pieces of information today. I tried to post yesterday. I really thought it was a bit entertaining....then it was gone, just gone. Oh well.

1. Devin is home. He had a summer full of fun and hard work. His trip back from western kansas was long, flat tire, etc. I think he is happy to be here. He did pause briefly to greet me on his way to the garage to salivate over his new motorcycle.

2. Mallorie is very happy he is home. He left for about ten minutes on an errand. The crocodile tears were swelling in her eyes. It took a little bit to convince her he was coming back.

3. Ernie should be home late tonight from his trip to Sturgis. Hopefully he took lots of pictures.

4. The girls start school Wednesday. It will be Morgan's first day at the high school (sophmore). McKinsey will be starting junior high as a 7th grader. I know Morgan is feeling the stress. I sure wish I could make it easier on her. She really wanted to attend a different high school where most of her friends are going but I just did not see how we could make it work right now. It is at least a twenty minute drive and she was not real open to riding the bus so....... I know she will do great. It just makes a momma worry.

5. Devin goes back to school on Thursday. He is a junior!

6. Mallorie is going back to preschool. I have to say it is not any easier for me, no matter what age they are.

more brain just died. I know better then attempt this prior to morning coffee.


Rhonda said...

Oh, I really hope that Morgan will love high school. Hopefully her first day she'll shake out the jitters and the rest of the year will go smoothly.

Rhonda said...

Also, Terrie, if you'd ever want a custom blog template like Tim's just let me know.