Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Long(short?) Night

Unfortunately I have had another sleepless night. I am operating on fumes at the moment. I am simply trying to stay awake so I can keep Mals up as long as possible. Last night she was up from 2 until 4. She did have a tummy ache. Once the little belly was rubbed and all tooting was over she was able to relaxe and fall back to sleep. At 6 AM I awoke to my arm being pulled like a rubber band. "Mommy, it is time to wake up now! Get up! Get Up! No sleeping all day!" I groaned loudly as she opened my eyelids. I leapt out of bed as she stuck her finger in my mouth and pulled on my cheek. That did the trick! I managed to stay awake all day, although I think I may have dozed off briefly while checking my email this afternoon. lol I woke up mid sentence and was not really sure how I got to that point!

Anyway, Wednesdays are a highlight around our house. My girls and I love the show Ghosthunters. We are normally not at all drawn to this genre, but I find Grant and Jason oddly irresistable in a creepy brotherly sort of way. Prior to this I wouldn't even let my kids watch Casper. I am intrigued by their investigations. So on Wednesday evenings there is no talk of an after dinner walk or sipping iced tea on the back deck. We are all about watching our show, then the conversation is something like... "What do you think?" I don't know. What do you think?" "I don't know." Deep thinkers, aren't we?

Since for the moment I am not allowed to talk about the teens, I will not mention the dozen red roses and teddy bear that Mo Mo received via FTD this afternoon. Pssst...... All of you with her email address be sure to sharply quiz her about it.

At the moment Mals is sitting on my lap with her feet on the desk singing "Yellow Submarine" at full volume. Maybe I should rethink that after dinner walk. Anything to get this girl into a relaxed state and ready for a FULL nights sleep.


Janet said...

Ugh......those short nights are miserable. Hopefully tonight will be much better and she will sleep all night.

Hmmmmm, roses and a teddy bear. I think I will write her.....or better yet, I might even call her. :) does that make Mama feel knowing she is receiving roses?

Rhonda said...

I definitely need the story on the roses! How can we tease her without knowing the whole story? Just kidding, how sweet to receive roses and a teddy bear.

And I am with you on these short nights. Its draining. I might have to try out the ghosthunters show. I love me a great reality show.

Essie said...

Love your blog, Terrie. That little one of yours does keep life interesting for you, doesn't she? AND, what about the one that got roses and a teddy bear. Wow! Gee, is she old enough for that?? Yeah, I guess so. As for the sleep deprivation...keep in mind that one day you can sleep all you want, but the body won't let you.