Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tons 'o Fun

We have had company for a few days. Some friends were visiting from Western Kansas, so we took in several of the local sights. The kids all had a great time. I did too. We had lots of laughing, catching up, eating and roller coaster riding. Not necessarily in that order. For the most part Mals had lots of fun with only one complaint. While at Worlds of Fun we decided to take in a musical show, which was an extremely loud and somewhat pitchy performance. It was obvious the long, hot day was taking its' toll on the performers. After leaving the theater I bent down and asked Mals if she liked the music. "Huh?" I repeated the question. "What? I tink my ears is boken." lol.

The big girls went on ride after ride. (It was actually a first time roller coaster experience for a couple of our guests.) The lines were relatively short. They went from one end of the park to the other, over and over. I, on the other had was relatively content to sit on a bench eating my kettle corn and people watching. Even though I am exhausted I know if I had tried to keep up with the girls all day I would be dead, literally. There is nothing like pushing a stroller up and down hills all night to remind a person how extremely out of shape they are! lol

So our friends have left and now it is time to get back to real life. Cleaning, paying bills and ("ugh") watching what I eat.


Janet said...

All the girls in the pictures look very familiar. My goodness, if those are the girls I'm thinking of then they have really changed. I guess they all grow up but that makes me feel old....ha.

Sounds like a good time by all. What wonderful memories.

Rhonda said...

It looks like you had a great time! And I've been to one of those concerts before, too. I've thought my ears were broken at the end.