Saturday, July 14, 2007

Potty Chart

Mallorie has helped to create her own potty chart which has gone into effect today. She is very proud and so far she has managed to stay dry. I do realize the day is only half over. But, the criteria is not dry drawers all day. The objective is to sit on the potty as much as possible. She gets to move a ticket after each attempt. At the end of the day when all tickets have been moved she gets a reward. Today her reward choice is ICE CREAM. I'm thinking.... if this is successfull I may have to put in a special request for Starbucks tomorrow. She has been thrilled with her accomplishment and high fiving all over the place. Let's hope the motivation will continue to build. I don't think this will take long. She was basically potty trained until the big changes took place. Please note the green boots as mentioned in a previous post. To be continued........

1 comment:

janet said...

Don't green boots always stay in style? ha.

Looks like the chart peaked her interest and motivation. Hurray Mallorie!!!!