Thursday, July 19, 2007

Short and (I Wish, More) Sweet(s).

I did not eat the cupcake. I went to bed. Don't be too impressed. I have been eating a lot of this.
It seems like the girls and I eat a lot of eggs for dinner anyway, so I thought I would try to shake things up a little bit. Though Mals is sticking with her fav, good 'ole scrambled eggs and you guessed it...... ranch dressing. Ugh!

We spent the morning at the pool today. It was great. The forecast called for rain and there was enough of a cloud cover to keep the neighbors away. So we had it all to ourselves. McKinsey found a frog in the drain. We decided we had to rescue the poor guy so I grabbed a small net and proceeded to save a life. I lifted the cover off the hole and scooped (I use this term loosely. For the most part I shoved the net until I hit something solid then did an upward motion similar to throwing a granny ball.) right in McKinsey's direction. Of course there was a lot of running and squealing. The girls managed to make some noise too. lol Mals decided she had enough. She walked to her chair, toweled off and sat in the wagon until it was time to go. I guess she wasn't going to take any chances on finding another frog in the pool.

I better get. I am told Mallorie has been dipping her granola bar in...........ranch dressing. She is now throwing a small tantrum because Kinz told her "That is just gross!".

My insides are crying "Calgon, chocolate cupcakes. Calgon, chocolate cupcakes." Although Krispy Kreme does have a whole wheat donut now. Hmmmmm. I am sure it must be better for you. Shhhh, please don't unravel the little lies I tell myself. Sometimes they are all I have.

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Janet said...

That is definitely a new combination....granola and ranch dressing. Hey, someone had to try it someday. ha.

I liked the frog story. I bet McKinsey was scambling pretty fast. :)

love you guys