Monday, July 9, 2007

Day One

I have been greatly inspired by several friends and family members, who are dedicated bloggers, to follow suit and begin a blog of my own. I have been failing miserably at the whole nightly diary writing and think this will be therapeutic for me as well as insightful for my four children (upon reaching adulthood) as to why they have been sending Mom and Dad therapy bills for many years. HA! So for now I plan on dwelling, whining, rolling in the stench of self pity and otherwise detailing every non-exciting moment of my life as a mommy of four. My life may not be thrilling but it is rewarding because so far(crossing my fingers, that is the key to parenthood, you know) I have three amazing teens and one ridiculously beautiful two year old. Speaking of who, Malsy(not her real name) is currently sitting under my computer chair drawing on my legs with a pen. Yeah! I can wear shorts today. I was feeling a bit self concious about my vericose veins but it seems that has been taken care of for me. Well, better go! The day has begun, we are still in our pj's and there is much to do today. I have been off work for a week and managed to procrastinate to the fullest extent.

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Mikaela said...

So what did Malsey draw on your legs? Yippie! The family (well not really a tradition) blogging has gone from one person to two (as we know of)LOL!