Tuesday, July 17, 2007

You Might Want to Look Away

I probably should not be posting anything at this time. I have severe PMS and am practically incapable of stringing a sentence together. I feel extremely anxious and keep finding myself searching out yummy treats like this decadent cupcake. I keep telling myself if I give in I will undo in 5 minutes what I have worked very hard to do in the last ten days. Which is getting harder to justify. I have exercised everyday, drank tons of water and really tried to watch what I have eaten and NOTHING. I realize my system is in shock. " What the heck? Are you trying to starve yourself? I can hear it speaking to me right now! So I am sure it (my system) is trying to hang onto every pound it possibly can. Will I give in? I don't know. It is quite the inner battle and my double chin is beginning to grow on me, which is leaning me in the "yes" direction. So we shall see. Maybe I will just eat a boiled egg white and go to bed.

BTW, Mallorie just heard the egg timer and yelled. "Ohp, time to go potty gen!" She just went ten minutes ago. But now that I have been setting the timer every hour as a reminder, she has become trained to go every time she hears that sound. lol

Devin started his new job yesterday but was really disappointed when the guy decided to give him $2.00 less per hour then initially promised. I think it was kind of a dirty trick and know that Devin is worth far more then that. I am not sure if he is going to stick it out, I admire the fact that he went back for a second day, but at the same time think he might want to move on.

I am job hunting as well and honestly trying to do that while PMSing is not the best of experiences. But, on the plus side. I have not burst into tears, sobbing "I'm the worst mother in the world!" So maybe the whole watching what I eat thing is showing positive results after all. But man, what I wouldn't pay to be able to eat that chocolate cupcake with no consequences right now!


janet said...

Oh my, that muffin does look good. I wouldn't be able to say no with or without pms.

Do you drink diet drinks? General Food International has a sugar free/fat free mocha coffee. Might help? Might not....ha.

Tough news about Devin. He deserves to be treated fairly. He's a good guy and a hard worker.

love you!

Rhonda said...

I am headed to the cabinet to find chocolate.

Janet said...

I couldn't help but notice that you didn't blog. Does this mean you ate the muffin?

Just kidding!!!! I know you are busy. :)