Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Time is Bedtime?

I am completely exhausted this evening. We did not do anything today. We lounged by the pool and in the afternoon I managed to drag my rear end around the block for a walk. But, oh yes! Now I remember! Malsy woke up at 3:30 AM ready to face the day. To me, that truly is before the butt crack of dawn. As she faced the day with a smile and a skip, I warmed up coffee from yesterday in a feeble attempt to become human. Didn't help.

She has been waking up in the night quite often. Fourth of July, pre-dawn she came to me shaking like a leaf, claiming there was a worm in her bed. Being the wonderful mother that I am, I burst into laughter. "Did the worm talk to you?" response, "Yes him talked to me. Him said I scare you" So any of you planning on staying for the night anytime soon. Beware. We have an infestation of talking worms.

In other news the potty training has come to a complete halt. We have had several major changes at home lately and Mals has totally regressed. I will ask her to go potty. "No tanks. I is a baby now. Get me a diaper. K?" Yeah, I know exactly what you are thinking. I am the mother of three children who were completely trained before their second birthdays. But, as noted in the prior post, I was much more rigid then. Anyway, I have decided to completely back off. We do stroll down the big girl undies aisle at Target at every visit. "Look at those pretty undies! Don't you wish you went potty on the toilet all the time so you could have undies like that?" response- "No tanks. We can buy Blues Clues Diapers. K?" She changes them herself for crying out loud. lol Oh well, for now I will let it ride.

Disclaimer: For the record, I do NOT favor Mallorie any more then my other children. I realize she has been the topic of all my posts thus far. Unfortunately the content regarding my teens is being closely monitored and scrutinized. Therefore leaving me sparse information to share with the general public. As their general interest in my blog wears off, I plan to share all areas of their lives that I deem blogging material.


Janet said...

I'm looking forward to those blogs about the teens of your household. ha. I'm sure they are closely monitoring the site for now. :)

Mallorie is definitely a female with a mind of her own. So much like the rest of the females of our family. :)

love you.

Rhonda said...

Ahhh, talking worms. That's a new one. So funny how she said it told her, "I scare you". That's a riot.
I suppose a GloWorm probably isn't a good gift for her right now. I think that frogs eat worms. Maybe if she wears her frog boots to bed, the worms won't bother her.

And I can't wait for the blog on the teens, either!!