Monday, July 23, 2007

Long Weekend

Hello everybody. I don't have much to share, not that I ever do anyway. I have been under the weather since Friday afternoon. I have spent a great deal of time on the couch this weekend. I bought groceries Friday because I could feel it coming on. I have barely been out the door since. Poor Mals wore the same PJ's all day Saturday and Sunday(I did too). I have yardwork that needs done and I have company coming Wednesday and the house has seen better days. I am afraid to look in Devin's room. When he left for the summer I simply closed the door. I have been trying to stir up the courage to venture inside ever since. Once I go in, I may not come out.

In other news, Malsy has made it her job to congratulate Kinz when she goes to the bathroom. McKinsey said she waits outside the door for her the with big eyes, "Did you go potty? High Five! Let's get you a sticker! Do you want to move a ticket?" She has not done it to the rest of us. I think she is confident in our potty skills. I'm sure she feels McKinsey just needs a little encouragement and she will get it right. lol


Janet said...

I love the story of Mallorie waiting to high five McKinsey on going to potty. Have McKinsey received several stickers? ha! What a cute story.

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. Rhonda had a rough weekend too. Hope you are doing better today.

So you are going to clean the Devin hotel room. :) Devin is such a nice guy. Leaves me a mint or a quarter (to buy my own mint) when I stay. ha!

love you guys

Rhonda said...

Tell McKinsey we are all rooting for her to get it right!!