Sunday, July 15, 2007

Picture of Success

She did it! Yeah! Mals managed to stay dry for well over 24 hours. She is well on her way to her a second day with a well deserved reward. She has chosen the to go to the play park if all goes well. So my faith is restored. I am becoming more positive that she will not be wearing a pullup underneath her gown at her high school graduation.

In other news, we drove to Topeka today to pick up a street bike(motorcycle) for Devin. I am not sure who is more excited, father or son. Devin has not seen it and probably will not for awhile. He is still as Grandpa's. He has a new job at a motorcycle shop in Garden City, so I do not know when he plans on coming home. I think the only person he misses right now is Mal. That will probably be the biggest draw to come back to KC.

Ernie brought 5 HUGE zucchini home the other night. I thought I would make zucchini bread to take to the hospice house. I wanted to try out my recipe first because it has been ages since I have used it. I was VERY disappointed and think I will end up scrapping it all. Aaah, the project took me like two hours and now I feel like it was a major waste of time. I hate that, and to think with that two hours I could have been taking a nap. Looks like the hospice house will be getting good old Toll House Cookies instead.

Time to go. Supper to cook and laundry to do and of course we have a playground to go to!


Rhonda said...

Yay for Mallorie! 24 hours is HUGE :). I guess she just needed some motivation.

As for the zucchini, I just made this recipe last week. It was really good, and a great way to use up the zucchini.

janet said...

Good for Mallorie! In the picture it looks like people than just Mallorie were enjoying ice cream. ha.

Devin is working at a motorcycle shop. That sounds like a good job.

We've done the distance traveling for motorcycles....or I should say Randall and the boys have. Once they have the fever, it seems there is no distance far enough to keep them from a good buy for a motorcycle. But ask them to travel for any other reason and you would think I was torturing them. Gee.